Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spiritual consciousness

Spiritual   consciousness 


Awareness of oneself ,sorroundings , the stage of awakeness of mind.

conciousness of mind

The stage of mind when you are doing certain task you are performing like watching tv or working playing sports any activity when you are fully aware.

Subconscious mind

memories that happened in your past or something happened to you but you really never focussed on it at that time but your subconscious mind has already recorded that event which you might suddenly recollect.
Sometimes when we are sleeping we dream about something which we do not remember once we are awake and sometimes we do remember, but we always dream in our sleep stage we really do not remember when we wake up but its is recorded in our subconscious mind and when some event occurs our memories are jogged up.

Unconscious mind

When we faint or at the time of concussion our mind becomes unconscious it is really difficult to recollect or retrieve from our mind.

Spiritual  consciousnesses 

It's a very vast topic and involves many stages to achieve this.
A person needs  to be liberated from  worldly pleasures and should be able to control his/ her desires.
Our thinking need to be more selfless , can a person with the family and attached person can achieve spiritual consciousness. What is the difference between consciousness and spiritual consciousness .
Consciousness is mental awareness of our mind and spiritual consciousness is closeness to the supremacy or God  how can we be close to God when our mind is revolving around materialistic happiness, attachment and worldly desires.
We can become close to God when we follow him like a leader devout ourselves completely surrender us to him with pure heart, which is not an easy thing for us.
But spirituality believing God and following his path , meditate on his name can give peace of mind to us, which will help us not to be involved in bad things and take us towards right path. We will learn  kindness, love , discipline, patience,devotion.
If we practice this in our life teach our kids same we will spread spirituality to our coming generation.
This will lead us towards spiritual consciousness at our later stage when we really need to be close to him.
We need to make a root to achieve that in our later stage of life  and try to achieve utmost happiness ( (Ananda) when we nearing to end.