Monday, March 30, 2015

spirituality and work life

What is sprituality?
When we think and work religiously towards achieving an objective with the sacred and pure mind without doubt or suspicion and do things in a faithful and  religious way,just concentrate on the task you are doing. Meditate on work.Doing things beneficial for others helping people, animals in need.
Honesty, discipline, hardwork,focus and ethics can always make a person happy and zealous to work.
How much money you earn but if you have no peace  and happiness what did you achieve?
Happiness of our body and soul are the most important aspects of spirituality.
Spirituality and Work life balance

When we follow principles in our generic life we would also follow them In our work, that will lead us to be a better employee or employer.
Small things in work will not lead us to stress.
Will be more productive .
Will not indulge in bad habits.
Will be more organized.
Will be more balanced.
Will be a good team player.
Will be a good leader.
At the end will be a good human being.

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